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In bold: studies conducted in North Iceland – all other studies were conducted in South Iceland (qualité de l’ajustement) ; GEV (généralisation des valeurs extrêmes) ; (*) recalculé avec les mesures supplémentaires faites en 2009 (0,403 selon la croissance publiée en 2005). En gras : études menées dans le Nord de l’Islande – toutes les autres études sont menées dans le Sud de l’Islande. (1988) – Historical development of the proglacial landforms of Svínafellsjökull and Skaftafellsjökull, southeast Iceland.

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The field method remained quite similar over the last four decades, but the statistical techniques to analyse the collected data sets evolved considerably in the last several years, leading to some debate in the scientific literature. Results are better for short periods of time, when sources of errors are minimal (less lichen species on the surface, less mortality within the first generation that colonised the surface), starting to become much relative over about hundred years, a period of time beyond which very few control points are available. En gras : études menées dans le Nord de l’Islande – toutes les autres études sont menées dans le Sud de l’Islande. 3 – Differences in lichenometric dating results on moraines from outlets of the Vatnajökull ice-cap, south-east Iceland, according to different authors using different measuring techniques and data processing. 3 – Différences des résultats de datations lichénométriques des moraines de plusieurs émissaires glaciaires de la calotte du Vatnajökull, dans le sud-est islandais, selon différents auteurs utilisant différentes techniques de mesure et de traitement de la donnée.* ranks on data robustness extracted from the scientific papers, as sum of the following parameters arbitrary weighted: Lichen identification by a lichenologist (L) = 2; key identification (K) = 1; none = 0 point; control point within the valley = 2, within the region 1, no reference surface = 0; Repetitive measurements of the very same thalli (RT) = 2, repetitive measurements on the same surface (R) = 1, unique measurement (U) = 0; other information such as lichen used in the study, number of control points and number of lichen measured, and the production of a lichen growth curve (Yes or No) are just informative, as extracted from the references cited.* Résultat du classement de la qualité de la donnée lichénométrique extraite des articles scientifiques, comme la somme des paramètres suivants aux poids arbitraires : identification du lichen par un lichénologue (L) = 2 ; par une clé d’identification (K) = 1 ; ni l’un ni l’autre = 0 ; points de contrôle dans la vallée = 2 ; dans la région = 1 ; aucune référence = 0 ; mesure du thalle répétée au cours des ans (RT) = 2 ; mesures répétées sur une surface de référence (R) = 1 ; mesure unique = 0 ; les autres informations comme le type de lichen, le nombre de points de contrôle, le nombre de lichens mesurés, et la réalisation d’une ‘courbe’ de croissance lichénométrique (Yes or No) sont seulement informatives, telles qu’extraites des références bibliographiques.

This leads to the second issue, regarding the suitability of control points/surfaces as Icelandic environmental conditions can change drastically in very short distances, particularly in glacier surroundings. The Öræfi fallout (1362) is also shown as it concerns an area where many lichenometric studies have been carried out (compiled from Gronvold et al., 1983; Thordarson and Self, 1993; Larsen et al., 1999; Haflidason et al., 2000; Thordarson and Self, 2003; Thordarson and Larsen, 2007; Thordarson et Höskuldsson, 2008; Oddsson, 2007; Larsen, 2010). Date historique de l’occurrence d’une coulée de débris dans le couloir respectif ; 4.

In Iceland, most lichenometric studies have been performed in proglacial environments to date moraine sequences (e.g. Some studies have used these dated moraine records to make climatic inferences spanning the last three centuries (e.g. Les retombées de l’éruption de l’Öræfi (1362) sont également montrées car elles concernent une zone où les études lichénométriques ont été nombreuses (compilé de Gronvold et al., 1983 ; Thordarson and Self, 1993 ; Larsen et al., 1999 ; Haflidason et al., 2000 ; Thordarson and Self, 2003 ; Thordarson and Larsen, 2007 ; Oddsson, 2007 ; Thordarson et Höskuldsson, 2008 ; Larsen, 2010). 5 – Correspondence between ages proposed by lichenometry and historical sources on landforms built by debris flows on the Gleiðarhjalli slope above Ísafjörður, Vestfirðir (modified from Decaulne and Sæmundsson, 2005; background image Samsýn). 5 – Correspondance entre datations lichénométriques et dates historiques sur les modelés créés par les coulées de débris sous le versant de Gleiðarhjalli, en amont d’Ísafjörður, dans les Vestfirðir 1. Datation lichénométrique de l’occurrence de la coulée de débris dans le couloir respectif. 6 – Relative dating using lichenometry and vegetal cover on boulders to discriminate recent snow-avalanche deposits from those dating back at least to the end of the Little Ice Age on the Bakkasel site, Fnjóskadalur, northern Iceland (modified from Decaulne and Sæmundsson, 2010 ; background image Samsýn). 6 – Datations relatives utilisant la lichénométrie pour discriminer l’emprise spatiale des dépôts d’avalanches récentes et celles qui datent de la fin du Petit Âge Glaciaire au moins sur le site de Bakkasel, Fnjóskadalur, en Islande septentrionale 1. Extension des blocs avalancheux déposés depuis 2000 ; 3.

Thompson, 1988; Casely and Dugmore, 2004; Bradwell et al., 2006). Extension des blocs avalancheux couverts de lichens variés et de mousses, probablement déposés avant 1900. 22 – n° 1 | 2016, mis en ligne le 26 février 2016, consulté le 01 septembre 2019.

Several authors also used their geomorphic studies to test new approaches to lichenometry dating (e.g. DOI : 10.1016/j.quascirev.20 Roussel E., Chenet M., Grancher D., Jomelli V. (1986) – Rates and causes of proglacial river terrace formation in southeast Iceland: an application of lichenometric dating techniques.

Bradwell and Armstrong, 2007; Orwin et al., 2008), or to test techniques against the findings of other dating methods, such as validating the age estimates by comparing lichenometric ages against tephrochronological ages (e.g. The number of studies conducted adjacent to glaciers represents almost 80 % of all lichenometric studies conducted in Iceland (fig. Rosenwinkel S., Korup O., Landgraf A., Dzhumabaeva A. (2008) – Processus et rythmes de l’incision des sandar proximaux postérieure au petit âge glaciaire (sud de l’Islande). However, the second of these basic statements is an assumption unsupported by ecological properties and population dynamics of lichens (Joachimsen, 1973; Mc Carthy, 1999). (2008) – Identifying moraine surfaces with similar histories using lichen size distributions and the U² statistic, southeast Iceland. agg.) growing on a single surface are measured to examine and mathematically describe the structure of multiple lichen populations (Bradwell, 2009). 1), most of these have been conducted around the southern margins of Vatnajökull (50 %); followed by Mýrdalsjökull (22 %), then the Tröllaskagi glaciers in Northern Iceland (21 %), and finally one or two studies around Eiríksjökull in West Iceland, and adjacent to Drangajökull (Principato, 2008) in Northwestern Iceland More isolated investigations regarding debris-flow and snow-avalanche frequency have been carried out in Northwestern and North Iceland (Decaulne et al., 2005, 2010), and a single soil erosion study has been carried out in Northwestern Iceland. (2008) – Geomorphic evidence for Holocene glacial advances and sea level fluctuations on eastern Vestfirðir, northwest Iceland. The contrasted environment (temperature and precipitation, wind and snow cover, …) of Iceland offers another possible aim that would test latitudinal and altitudinal comparisons of lichen growth to attempt getting answers on the influence of climate on lichen growth in Iceland. Researchers have generally focussed on the timing of “Little Ice Age” and 20-century glacier fluctuations (e.g.


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