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James was a skilled lover, and Carina discovered that there are many different kinds of orgasm, some of which took her to out-of-body experiences and sublime states of consciousness.James was the “spiritual leader” in their relationship.

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When Carina broke up with a boyfriend who had cheated on her – twice!

– she resolved not to date any man unless she was sure he had a strong commitment to ethical behavior.

She focused on herself, took up yoga and meditation, and started attending discussion groups about relationships.

It was at one of these discussion groups that she met James, a charismatic proponent of “spiritual relationships”.

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Carina tried to adapt to the new schedule, but she found James less and less loving, less and less attentive, less interested in conversation and cuddling, and more focused on their sexual practice.

She found herself losing motivation for her work, being too emotional too eat properly, and becoming very sensitive to tiny triggers in her environment.

She didn’t like it when he canceled plans to meet her at the last minute, but she understood that she shouldn’t be attached to something, just because it was on her calendar. The time he spent with Carina reduced almost overnight from three sessions per week to one, or even one every other week.


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  2. Polyamory, as well as other non-traditional ways of structuring relationships, are increasingly common among all cross-sections of society.

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