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You can bond with someone over your mutual love for vegan doughnuts or share laughs between sips of a blue blazer hot toddy.Scope out the scene and start up a conversation with a charming stranger in this hipster hub. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012 | (602) 327-1396 Nothing stirs up conversation more than talking about music.We started the group a lot of years ago when it was just a few people who lived in Gilbert. The the reason we started Singles in Gilbert was to get out and enjoy life with other singles. The group was started back in August of 2006 by a few like-minded active individuals who wanted more fun, great friendships and the opportunity to participate in many interesting, adventurous activities and events.

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Treat yourself to a day of adventure at the largest art museum in the southwestern United States.

While you’re there, you can look at more than just paintings on the wall.

Sutra Midtown is a locally owned yoga studio in Phoenix that is sure to help open your mind to new things in life.

Sometimes being single in a fast-paced environment can be stressful, so a bit of yoga and meditation can help set the mind straight.

The studio is filled with local art, live music, and delicious raw treats.

If yoga is your thing, it won’t be hard to find a fellow yogi to share your days with in this unique spot.

Relax your mind, body and soul and you might just find a new workout buddy. Seventh Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006 | (602) 253-9525 From restaurants and bars to stores and movie theaters, this shopping mall in Tempe has it all.

You might say hello to the handsome fellow searching for headphones, or let the woman sitting by the fireplace know that she looks beautiful today.

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