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It is perhaps the broadest and most diverse genre in gaming, but typically includes the fast pace and quick reflexes of action while telling a story similar to adventure.

Action role-playing games (abbreviated action RPG, action/RPG or ARPG) form a loosely-defined sub-genre of role-playing video games that include some elements of real-time action games. Beat 'em up (also known as a brawler) features melee combat between the protagonist and a large numbers of antagonists.

Uncover it's mysteries and have your way with the gorgeous women you'll meet.

Slave Maker Train your own slave in this adult game!

The story takes place in the kingdom of Mioya which is well known for the slaves trained there.

If you dig deep in the archives you might also find some obscure 15 year old Japanese sex games..

But if you stick to the latest games you'll have a good chance of playing something that will keep you literally up for hours!

Current rating: Good Game (73% - based on 37018 votes) Bimbo Life Coach In this online porn game you get to become New York's first Bimbo Life Coach.

Earn your cash, enjoy life and turn hot women into bimbos. Current rating: Good Game (72% - based on 96 votes) Lust Epidemic In this sexy role playing game you're stranded at campus after a hurricane hit.

Genres we do not include: A form of gameplay with a large interconnected map, though access to parts of the world is often limited by doors or other obstacles that can only be passed once the player has acquired special items, tools, weapons or abilities within the game.

An action-adventure combines elements of the adventure game genre with various action game elements.

These games typically take place in urban settings and feature crime-fighting and revenge based plots, though some games may employ historical or fantasy themes.

Multiple player characters and two-player cooperative gameplay are also hallmarks of the genre.

The main object of the majority of Endless Runners is to get as far as possible in a level.


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