Dating secrets of the ten commandments pdf

Building on an earlier study of the by the CI Staff, I completed a draft several months later that incorporated the new material.

In my view, it makes little difference whether the adversary is the Russians, the Cubans, the East Germans, the Chinese, or someone else.

It likewise makes little difference whether we are talking about good CI practices in 1985 or in 2005.

I later heard that Angleton had eye trouble and that the light hurt his eyes, but I was convinced the real reason for the semidarkness was to add to his mystique. I nervously briefed Angleton on my study, and he listened without interrupting, just nodding from time to time.

When I finished, he methodically attacked every one of my conclusions. Hadn’t it occurred to me that Leopold Trepper, the leader of the , was a German double?

The United States, as the world’s only remaining superpower, will be the constant target of jealousies, resentments, rivalries, and challenges to its economic well-being, security, and leadership in the world.

This inevitably means that the United States will be the target of large-scale foreign espionage.When Ted moved upstairs in early 1991 to become the Associate Deputy Director for Operations, I was named chief of the Center.Today, many years after that initial disagreeable encounter with CI, I find it hard to believe that it is actually my picture on the wall of the CIC conference room at CIA Headquarters, where the photos of all former CIA counterintelligence chiefs are displayed.The need for counterintelligence (CI) has not gone away, nor is it likely to.The end of the Cold War has not even meant an end to the CI threat from the former Soviet Union.I was deeply affected by the fear, heroism, and drama in these messages.

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