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No strings attached, At least this way I would be able to evaluate their worth as a company to me instead of me just jumping head long into a dark void of unknown Please anyone with experience with this company provide me with some insight- Thanks Same thing just happened to me- They said they were looking for Jesse- I'm like wtf???

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) Definitely trying to threaten or at least to intimidate us- Yelled at me when I asked him to tell me the name and profile of the company he is calling for- I am going to contact the police if they call again- It is unacceptable to let these people harass us I did not answer this # for past few days but,today I just answered for the first time and I hear the caller with heavy indian accent talked about medical compensation-I told him I don't need any of that and hung up-You shouldn't even bother to anwer just ignor Receiving continuously calls from this number no one will answer, no recorded message, receive same calls from Washington DC California, N Y and N J - Calls from all these location are the same- I been receive daily for the past - months Same here- Are these people on Drugs?

Come on guys use your brain- Do think I would buy or have any correspondence with a company that will keeps calling me and leaves no message?

Anon, this sounds like the black stained rodent who called me last night using the most preposterous alias I have ever heard: "Lottery Jones-" This woolly headed little beast also had an incorrect address for me (which of course I confirmed as BEING correct-) The rest of his pitch was pretty much boiler plate: need to send money to cover shipping costs, was calling from San Antonio, etc I got a call from this number- I piked up because I thought it was an important one- When I piked up- the caller asked me if I wanted a car protection extention- the funny part is that I don't even have a car- I got scared because I immediately thought that someone used my information to register a car- when I tried to find out more about her company, she hung up on me- Be aware of this number This Business is not BBB accredited M Callaghan & Associates Additional Locations Phone: () -PO Box , Getzville, NYwww-cmgrecovery-com D on a scale from A to FFactors that lowered the rating for M Callaghan & Associates include: Length of time business has been operating complaints filed against business that were not resolved serious complaints filed against business Factors that raised the rating for M Callaghan & Associates include: Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size-Response to complaint(s) filed against business-BBB has sufficient background information on this business-Additional Information BBB file opened: December , Business started: in NYType of Entity Limited Liability Company (LLC)Contact Information Customer Contact: Mr- Mark Byer, CEOBusiness Category COLLECTION AGENCIESAlternate Business Names M Callahan & Associates, LLCwww-bbb-org upstate-new-york business- , e-ny MORE CALLS Caller ID says Highpoint Solutions- Robocaller says "Paul from Clean Carpets-" We are on the DNC list, and have also filed complaints, and have asked these people to remove us from their list- I think that pressing the number they say will remove you from their list just indicates that your number is live, and you just get more calls I can attest that the Jeffrey Hirsch whose contact info is listed above is NOT the spammer- I spoke with him, and he was horrified to learn that he was listed as being a spam faxer here- This gentleman is completely innocent-Now if we could only get the *real* perpetrators to stop faxing us junk at : a-m SCAM, I received a call from this number it was a live person claiming they wanted to increase my credit limit- When I asked for what card he quickly changed the subject back to this wonderful increase and proceeded to try to collect my information- I asked again what company is he calling from and he hung up- BEWAREBottom of the bottom feeder collection company- FCC rules stat they can not block their caller ID which they do, not allowed to robo call with a recording, which they do, not supposed to call numbers on the do not call list, which they do- Recording was half over before I even picked up the phone so had no clue who they were looking for Yesterday I was forced to disconnect my cell phone, I couldn't take it anymore- Immediately, they started calling me AT WORK Claiming my medication is ready (diet pills or pain killers)- I have put out with them for a whole year thinking it will go away- Unfortunately, weeks ago I called M,f- Hindu Trash and that really got them after me- There has to be a law- When I call these numbers ( of them) they are not in service or disconnected, obviously they are "disposable numbers" please help Did not recognize the number, I SUSPECT it's a SCAMMER,en-wikipedia-org wiki Area_codes__and_Read somewhere SOMEONE is pretending to be from LA TIMES?

"Yeah I was just called they claimed they were from the LA times nd I did buy into it, , When i asked for privacy this is how they replied to me (via text) how ,"State Route Tully, NY () -It is Alliance Bank- They call me all the time looking for "Laurie" whoever "Laurie" is- Says it's "Linda" and she needs "Laurie" to call her back immediately- I've told "Linda" that "Laurie" doesn't reside here, but she still calls all the time- And "Melissa" and "Katie" call too I don't subscribe to Playboy- They must make calls for other magazines too- Redbook, Budget Traveler etc- All of mine are about to expire- But to call on a Sunday afternoon during dinner is so wrong- And yes, I am on the do not call list The following numbers are coming from the same people: They are "Debt Collectors""Out Source Group" , , , & ,"Delta Out Source Group" , , & , This # is from a Chris Andersen or (Anderson) , - I'm guessing it's another Debt Collector ?

"Yeah,cause you're a DOOSH- How's that for a reason, YA DOOSHLatest in a long line of robocalls on the same subject- Recorded female voice calling "pertaining to your current electric bill- Due to recent state deregulation you are eligible to receive a discount on your electric bill- Press to be transferred to find out which discount you are eligible for- Press to be transferred to one of our friendly representatives-" Caller ID read only - Reported these violations (recorded call; calling a number on the DNC list) to the feds at complaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx I received a call from this number at : p-m- on October , - I was kind of behooved when I saw U-S- Government and the phone number appear on my t-v- screen- I actually thought it was for a government job but hubby said they probably would not cal you that late- It appears it is a Job Corps number Well these hardcore morons and i mean morons threaten again,ooo im so scared,trying to collect on an old debt several years ago, In pennsylvania the statute of limitations on a debt like this is years, The company called my cell phone from , left a message and told me to call , extension ,told me they were call my hr office to arrange to have me arrested and picked up at work,right you right,lmfao,the ladys name left was carolyn chambers then i also had the same guy call me months in a row with messages of his i saved same friggin voice but low and behold two different names,now really how dumb do they think iam???

Lmfaogot a tex for a tranny im selling on craigslist and they want to send me check for a item thats posted for , been texing them back telling them im Mickey Mouse and they still proceed to get more info , Beware scammers , Report them , They are stupid scammers trying to get your info for fraud investments SCAM Have my work and my cell number, I find it funny,the guy leaves a message and garbles out the name of the company so I can't understand him- The only thing super clear in the message is the phone number to call back- Just wish they'd leave me alone Back in March ( months ago) I got a new phone number- After I activated the number, the calls started coming for Sinclair Johnson- Now if they actually listened to my answering message, they would realize that the phone number now belonged to someone else- Instead they continue to call and continue to leave messages- I started ignoring them, but finally I called back, gave them my number, and told them that they were calling me in error- The calls stopped - - - for a while- I have been enjoying months (give or take) without these calls until last week- Now they are worse than ever - multiple times a day- Dan Morgan called a couple of times, also a woman named Kim at extension - There were also other varieties of voices at the other end- I am planning on calling again or sending a cease and desist letter to them MMS from email with call back number , about failed credit card ending in - "CITY C-U- ALERT" I called the number back using my Google Voice # and it asked "Please enter your -digit credit card number"- I entered ,as soon as I did, the call we ended- I called back using the same Google Voice # and the outgoing message was garbled and all I could make out was "wrong number"- I guess it tracks caller id as well,so after you enter a credit card number, there is supposedly "technical issues" with the call- bunch of punks I was going to spam them entering zero's, about times ; DThere is no response when I answer- This has happened on numerous ocassions- Today, I called back and the guy asks for my husband- He says its about insurance rates- Asked him not to call again- He says he'll remove our number from his database- We'll see These keep calling me, i have tried to get them to stop but they call more, i've told them i will not buy anything, my theory is the phone companies pay them to call cell phones, so we get the charged, seems like paranoia but there has to be some point to calling someone who has definitively told you multiple times that he will not buy anything, I have NEVER ever bought something from a telemarketer In the past days I received blanck messages on my answering machine and calls with somebody who hang up on me- I dialed * and it gives me - I tried to call back, but nobody answer- Is it a payphone number?

Threatening calls from this number- It's a corrupted number they find out information and call the family for money- This guy even has a voicemail set up- DO No T FALL for this individual is only trying to rob people for money I recieved a call from this number stating I had a summons for a bad check and several other things, they are continually calling attempting to gain account info to repay "bad checks" I was contacted by several people from the same number (Tom Bush, Dan Jones - process server) Clearly a scam I am very glad I didnt give them my account info and also grateful I did not get the prepaid card they advised as it sounds they are just out to scam- Thank you all for your comments It has been very beneficial to me Thank you, Ben Calls started yesterday through today- I would say times so far- I answer- And there is no one there or they ask if I am me, I say yes, they disconnect- Very maddening when I don't even have time to tell them to stop the calls What is this? I got a call at my job and when I answered it there was just a loud mechanical sound like when a fridge or an air conditioner is running- After a few seconds a monotone, robotic sounding individual with an accent asked for someone- Creepy We frequently receive spam faxes which have blank CLSID, but that contain the following statement at the bottom: "To no longer receive these promotions in the future and be removed from out list dial ,"- The faxes are about all sorts of useless crap, such as vacation packages, and steel buildings, corporate travel overbuys, etc This is FRAUD- This person claims to want to buy a wedding dress off craiglist- They only want to send a money order and when I say Paypal or cash, they insist or money orders- They wanted me to send an email with more pics of "front and back" of wedding dress to email From this email address search, I found that this person is texting from multiple different numbers, and sends a money order with too much excess money and wants you to cash them and send the excess money to his "seamstress-" What ultimately ends up happening in these cases is the money order is found to be fraud a few days later and you are expected to pay back the bank the full amount plus a fee (See the posting at notes-com Phone-aspx ,"With craigslist, always remember that cash and meeting in a public place is the only safe way to arrange selling buying things Same number as both these posts and same M-O- , pick up phone and get hang up- But today an automated message told me to call a different number- Wish I would have taken it down- These calls are coming from NCO Financial tho our caller IDs will state BOWTIE, INC Do a search for NCO Financial and you'll see the trouble that this company has gotten into for their behavior REPORT them to the National DO NOT CALL Registry Clown called on a Sunday,expecting me to answer?

He called again on Monday afternoon,scrounging for unwanted computer equipment to scrap- I asked him really nicely to take me off their calling list-His response: "Is there a reason?

2147109 mobile phone number series is operated by IONEX COMMUNICATIONS SOUTH, INC. This person goes by Robert Mims in MN, and made an ad selling AKC registered Boston Terrier puppies- Upon googling of this phone number, it was quickly found to be associated with dozens of ads for other puppy breeds, such as Siberian Huskies and Maltese- They used TLC Pet Shipping company to scam with shipping the puppies- They require a Western Union Moneygram before shipping the puppies- Then they get TLC to confirm the shipment- Then another email comes saying that they need another thousand or so for shipping and buying different crates- TLC is aware of the scams and we reported this event to them- Internet pet scamming is a big problem, very hard to know if someone is legit unless you meet them in person I know that agency, they are not debt buyers- So do yourself a favor, call them- I am sure they will work something out- Worst place to get advice about your personal situation is from some disgruntled customer that because they cannot pay their bill they are mad at the bank or agency calling them- No one expects a customer to pay- That's why the bank puts the account in an agency- They could just sue the customer, and in some cases they do- If the bank was generous enough to give an opportunity to settle or make other arrangements you should at least try- The creditor will see that you made legitimate attempts to pay and generally will give those customers better deals- Otherwise just go file bankruptcy and quick because that will stay on your credit bureau for ten years Oh, the nd worst place to get financial advise is from a Bankruptcy Lawyer Or anyone who stands to gain a dime from your decision- That includes realtors, short sale negotiators, and all "sales" type positions- If you feel like you are being sold, RUNthis called me at : AM this morning and another one (close to this #) , called yesterday at :, i did not answer, since I was still in bed, they did not leave a voice mail, and all it said on the ans machine was unknown- I dont know how they got my #, unless it was from applications i send out looking for a job I answered- Guy on the other line, had an accent, could not understand entirely but it sounded like he said "Google ATM" - That's all I got before I was curt and told him to put me on the "do not call" list- (Seriously, I have no idea what that list is though- Hopefully it's real-)They called and said your debit card has just been deactivated or canceled- press one to reactivate it- you will have to give your card number etc and all the other bull crap that continued to say- I automatically knew it was a prank call because someone else recieved it months before me- Im just glad they told me about it, :am CDT; Caller stated his name was "Jack Benson," a manager with "Simply City Travel," and insisted that I had entered my name into a vacation contest on December , at a shopping mall- When questioned, he stated that he was located in Austin, TX- The caller had a very thick Indian accent and was difficult to understand- When I asked him for specifics about his company, he began backtracking- Our number is on the national Do Not Call Registry, and the caller continued to insist that I had filled out an "application" for a contest, although I know this is an outright lie- Caller disconnected when questioned further Yes I got scammed, but it was viagra and I wanted to try to find more out about him Sometimes if you get close enough to these people,that could be the reason you don't see their sites up and running any longer or them It takes a while sometimes but they do go away for a long time- This was just a warning to ones that want to go to places like this DON'T He will be taking a vacation soon very soon Then he had better have things to trade or sell- People may not get their money back, BUT I know a lot of people will have HIS back One more thing these scams and the others that sell fake sometimes real meds are not doing it to make a living, a number of them are cells sending money back to their "home" where the money is put to good use to use against others- Don't think you know who or what I am This number is on feedback complaint on Facebook for bobb says yes.

If you make a complaint on Facebook against bobb says yes automotive.

Because you can't find it on the Yellow Pages First received a text saying that someone I knew was injured in an accident at a gas station in NYC- Then received a phone call from a man claiming his name was "David" saying that my father was in an accident- Became very aggressive when I denied that it was my father- I had to hang up on him This person texted me and I told him he had the wrong number.


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