Dating questions second chance with your ex

When you know what makes a person happy, you are better able to fulfill that happiness for them in the future. What one person things is insane, another person might think is pennies.

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At some point in your life you have probably wondered what made another person tick.

What is the difference between people who are all doom and gloom and those who always seem to find the silver lining in life?

He told me hes had dreams about me while being with other girls and that hes never got on with someone as well as me.

He basically poured his heart out to me and made me feel so special. We went out on dates, had weekends away and he slept over at my place on numerous occasions. Although he had split up with his ex, he still had things in place which were ongoing.

We had something special and I struggled to get over it for a couple of years.

Hes tried to speak to me a handful of times over the last 7 years on social media.For example, I have a fear of being trapped in small spaces. It was terrifying and since then, I always need to know that an exit is working properly.When I was a waitress, the knob on the inside of the walk in cooler had broken while I was in there. In a nutshell, don’t try to get me into any small spaces because I will turn into a ninja.It is easy to fall into the routine of asking basic questions about work and family but these do not give you a deeper insight into the person you are dating.Instead of the traditional questions, try out these four on your second date. And sharing your fears with your date ensures that one of you does not do something that might freak the other one out.At the end of the day, it is a story to tell, new friends to be made, and the opportunity to say that you did something that most people you know wouldn’t.

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