Dating pyschos

He admits to lying, abusing, cheating and screwing with people just for kicks.

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if you ever sit n chat with Myers…He isn’t like that here.

He is engaging for no other visible reason than to chat in chat rooms about regular stuff.

He has never been inappropriate,does not flirt with women,is married…and has manipulated not one person on site.

He is honest…I would rather sit with him ..being up front.people who are one thing in your face and whisper behind your back.

Most women find this exciting, at least at first glance. However, this is usually because most of our stories are lies and consequently quite vague.

I am abusable Miss so n so…you…you’re a psychopath ?However, he might be using “I’m an honest sociopath” as another form of manipulation to get what he wants.I believe Meyers is being honest in his answers but I need to question why a sociopath would want to expose his “tricks.” * I have read his posts,watched him engage with others.This study can be found in the documentary When women who are lonely and have low self-esteem find men who are charming, confident, and play on every emotional desire their partners have, in many cases, those women think they’ve found their soul mate.And when one finds ones soul-mate, all rational thought goes out the window… The few people that actually read and take heed to my advice most likely are never going to meet me, and, if they do, wouldn’t know who I was.May as well have a flashing neon light over my head!

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