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Was the fact that Black Henry was able to converse with the people living at the latitude given by Pinto (but not with the people of Samar or Leyte) a coincidence, or something planned in advance from information gleaned in Malacca?

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Furthermore, Pinto Now, in Magellan's time all exploration was done by latitude sailing and dead reckoning, as no navigational clocks were in use.

Latitude sailing required fixing one's latitude precisely by means of an astrolabe.

Pigafetta states that the reason was to get near the port of "Gaticara" which was the Cattigara mentioned by Ptolemy.

In the book, Magellan's Voyage around the World, the author, Charles E.

Tarsis and Ofir were unknown lands beyond the Golden Chersonese of Ptolemy.

Their discovery would undoubtedly bring untold wealth and great fame in the minds of the people of those times.

Pinto was traveling through the Malay Archipelago at the time and he describes the Lequios islands as belonging to large group of islands many of which were rich in gold and silver.

He mentions that at that time the Portugese were familiar with Japan and China, and also with the island of "Mindanaus" or Mindanao, so the Lequois islands must have been somewhere between these two areas.

Magellan's contemporary, Duarte Barbosa, wrote that the people of Malacca (in modern Malaysia) had described to him an island group known as the Lequios whose people were as "rich and more eminent than the Chins (Chinese)," and that traded "much gold, and sliver in bars, silk, rich cloth, and much very good wheat, beautiful porcelains and many other merchandises." However, Barbosa was not the only one to mention the Lequios during Magellan's time.

About a decade after Magellan's voyage, Ferdinand Pinto had wrote in his journal of the experience of his crew and himself after being shipwrecked on the Lequios!

Father Colin, referred to them as such in the early 1600's and even at the turn of the century, the Philippine historian Pedro Paterno, still claimed that the Philippines were really Tarshish and Ophir!

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