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Or were uploading “biodatas” on one of those boring, newspaper-style matrimony sites.Kumar Akshay, the founder of Truematch, realised the potential of the online dating and the matrimony segment way back in 2015, when he founded his first startup.

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The AI algorithms of Truematch’s matching engine analyse this data and monitor user behaviour — which profiles a user spends time on, swipes through, prefers in terms of age, and profession etc — to throw up the most befitting user profiles that could lead to potential matches.

During these times of data breaches by the biggest and the best social media platforms, data privacy concerns are on the rise the world over.

There’s a dating app for all kinds of preferences — same sex, opposite gender, location-specific, hate-based, and more.

But there’s a catch — dating apps are more of a scouting ground for hookups and casual relationships.

“As mentioned in our privacy policy, the user data we collect is not shared with any third party.

Also, our application runs on the AWS server solution with extra security for the database, thus ensuring protection from a potential hack attack,’’ explains Akshay.

The professional matrimony platform, Truematch, is a cross between casual dating and matrimony (read biodata-led matchmaking).

This gives the platform a first-mover advantage and an edge among users looking to find suitors for marriage and not casual flings, which is the usual perception of dating apps.

In this digital day and age, smartphones and apps are taking over our lives.

Name it and there’s an app for it — you want food, Swiggy it; you want your dry cleaned clothes picked up, Dunzo it; you want a car ride, Ola/Uber ride; you want a hookup/love/matrimony get on one of the dozens of dating apps and hope that you meet someone you’re attracted to and both of you fall in love. Well, until now, people were trying luck on dating platforms and hoping to come across someone they like, who is also looking for marriage.

Matrimonial sites have been around for a while, haven’t they?

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