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If you have an idea, and would like to submit a recommendation, please send an email (or call) to the POC detailed at this bottom of this page before you dedicate a lot of resources and time.You will be contacted directly with what is needed for your request to receive consideration., the coyote field glove liners' (DSCP black liners will meet the minimum requirement) mandatory possession date is ; the coyote watchcap's mandatory possession date is ; and the black field gloves' mandatory possession date is .The Working Group is comprised of Marines from the local area, as well as subject duty experts, and when feasible, advocates for the issues and is presided over by the Working Group Head.

Once enough issues are complied for a formal Board meeting, the issues are briefed to the President, Marine Corps Uniform Board (PMCUB).

The issues that are approved by the PMCUB are then sent to the first formal step of the process, the Working Group.

Before forwarding the survey results and Board recommendations to CMC for decision, CMC's staff is offered an opportunity to review and provide comments on each issue.

Once CMC renders his decisions, the Board results are published via ALMAR and are also posted on this website (at both the top and bottom of this webpage).

If you are wearing a certified optional boot, it MUST have the Marine Corps emblem on the heel of the boot, as well as a certification approval number tag (usually found on the inside upper portion of one of the boots).

If the boot does not have both the tag and the emblem, it is not a certified uniform item and cannot be worn, even if it is from an approved manufacturer.

"To balance the individual Marine's need for 'best value' clothing in terms of practicality, quality and cost within realistic supply support and fiscal constraints to ensure that the Marine Corps maintains functional, traditional and distinctive uniforms."The working group for Board 218 has met, and the survey is complete and the results are being reviewed.

The formal Board met the week of 6 May, and was forwarded to CMC for decision mid July 2019.

The DSCP field gloves and liners may be worn in garrison or in the field with the MCCUU at the individual's discretion (the liners may be worn as an outergarment except in formation).

The DSCP issued coyote watchcap may be worn with the physical training uniforms and the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) in garrison and in the field when weather appropriate.

When in a non-tactical or garrison environment Marines will maintain the same saluting requirements as if wearing the garrison MCCUU caps.

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