Dating in the dark couples after the show

She hated the pedicures, he hated the seafood restaurant they ate after and their small talk was painful.

Despite the rocky ride, Scot said he really liked Alexa, while Alexa promised never to see Scot again.

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And later, while enjoying a romantic dinner, they sealed their date with a kiss!

We can totally see a second and third date in their future.

"I didn't expect a kiss, but I'm so happy it happened," Rey admitted on his way home.

"I'm hoping to get to see him again." Allison (33, real estate agent) and Adam (38, mortgage broker) didn't seem to be feeling each other on their country Western dancing date, and when they went to get drinks, things only got worse for Allison.

Later on, during dinner, they moved on to equally risqué topics like threesomes and sexual fantasies.

Ultimately, she thought he was a "sweetheart" but a little immature after he tried and failed to plant a goodnight kiss on her lips.

Good-looking twosome Ross (29, bartender) and Alex (25, finance) definitely had chemistry and "really connected" on their date.

They even exchanged phone numbers and both said they wanted to hang out again. Alexa (28, rand marketing/fashion blogger) and Scot's (37, actor) date was awkward from beginning to end.

Later, they grabbed a meal of sausages (and took shots! "Aside from us being gay, we literally have nothing in common," David joked.

After an awkward ice skating date and dinner, Lexi (25, entrepreneur) and Shaun (27, private security) confirmed what they thought from the beginning: they just aren't each other's types.

Abby (26, swag maker) was shocked (to say the least) when Jewel (28, spiritual advisor) brought her to a BDSM dungeon for some spanking on their date.


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  3. Every relationship comes with something in the mix.

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