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Names for bus to be given to Christine Hyde via fb --------------------------------------------- Due to the resignation of the current Grampian Mens County Team Managers, a new manager/s are sought.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your application in writing to: [email protected]

Following the success of Grampian Pride 2018, which saw 3,000 people in attendance, Four Pillars have taken the event under its wing, to give it a more solid grounding to enable it to grow and flourish over the coming years.

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Closing date for applications is the 21st of May 2016.

Live performance, photo opportunities and more – and all ticket sales benefit Grampian Pride! Just bring your Event Brite ticket to Four Unity café, top floor in the Market, open 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

The Pride event will consist of a march, various stalls, information about LGBT organisations and services, entertainment, key speakers, safe spaces, and a family area.

We are proud to say that we have the full support of Aberdeen City Council, without which none of this would be possible.

Since the last 3 year Advocacy Plan, there has been no resource increase by NHS Grampian to address this need, in spite of the recent developments in policy and legislation.

It will be important that there is ongoing prioritisation of independent advocacy provision, even within constrained budgets, where leverage should be built in through resource transfer and the creative use of funding streams.

Aside from this pressing matter, yet highly related to it, is the issue of the planning process itself.

There has been no consistent programme of consultation with those who are likely to use advocacy services in Grampian and they remain excluded from the planning group.

) Just swap your ticket for a wristband for entry into the village.

No ticket required to march in the parade – just turn up on the day!

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