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The Tanzanian government is already working with China on another important project which is the construction of the Bagamoyo harbour and of its Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which will be connected by a 40 km rail link to the Tazara.

The SEZ infrastructures and the rehabilitation of the railway are part of a long-term project which was announced in 2006 by the former President Hu Jintao during a summit on sino-african cooperation which took place in Beijing, which envisaged the construction of five or six SEZ on the African continent.

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The Wheat Compact is led by the International Center for…The fish technology toolkits serve to modernize fish farming with focus upon tilapia and African catfish.

They are introducing improved breeds of fish by establishing tilapia broodstock centers and facilitating cross-border movement of these elite fish…TAAT’s Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato toolkit includes high yielding varieties rich in Vitamin A rapid dissemination of improved varieties proven management technologies integration with livestock systems and processing options with proven profitability.

Last year, the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation finalized the reconstruction of the 740 km, railway between Addis Ababa and Djibouti.

The six (6) Enabler Compacts provides support services for soil fertility management, water management, capacity building and development, advocating supportive seed technology policy, mobilizing youth into agribusiness and organizing a response to the fall army worm invasion.

China is indeed projecting as well alongside with Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and South Sudan, the construction of new railway line between Mombassa and Bujumbura and Juba.

The Eximbank of China is considering to finance the project up to U. $ 3.8 billion dollars while Kenya has expressed its intention to finance it up to $ 500 m.

Radio communications are no longer operational at night and electric signalization equipments have exceeded their life span. On the financial front, the situation is critical with a debt of over $ 787 m.

As a result, freight volume has sunk from 601,000 to 87,860 metric tonnes between 20, said a Tanzanian official during the last China Africa Forum which took place in Johannesburg in December 2015.

The China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) has already expressed interest in undertaking the project to connect Burundi and Rwanda to the Tazara.

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