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For a more complete definition, check out our article on how to calculate ERA.

Extra Bases: A hit that is anything other than a single.

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Choke Up: When a batter grips the bat higher in an effort to increase his bat control. Contact Hitter: A hitter without much power, but who consistently puts the ball in play.

Clean Up Hitter: The best power-hitter on the team, who can clean up base runners with his powerful hitting. Count: How many balls and strikes there are, as in “The count is one ball and two strikes.” Cut Off Man: A fielder who takes incoming throws from an outfielder following a hit.

Cheap Run: When a team scores a run without doing much hitting. Chin Music: A pitch that is thrown at a batter’s head who might be too inside on the plate.

Chopper: A ground ball that is hit hard on the dirt and takes a high hop.

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Bases Loaded (Juiced): When there are runners on first, second, and third base.


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