Dating differences in france

Different cultures around the world have a different appreciation of the qualities that make someone a desirable mate.

What might be considered romantic, attractive or polite in one culture might not be well received in another.

It’s also the easiest way to keep from getting into a ‘relationship’.

It will only lead to broken hearts and misunderstandings – that way it’s better to detail from the start the intentions.

Enjoy dating the French; for me they tend to be the most receptive and comfortable in a relationship.

It’s totally normal to go on a few dates, then just decide it’s not for you.

Would you buy a pair of pants without trying them on?

Finding a balance between these two cultures tends to be a challenge; my recommendation when dating French people is to explain up front what the deal is with Americans.

Explain that while we enjoy affection, if this affection will lead to an automatic relationship it’s better to keep it slow.If someone you are dating in France is being very reserved with touching, understand that it’s a respect.They are getting to know you as a person, not you as an object.and it is also normal for us to date more than one person during a period of time.Often it’s just not a big deal and the good night kiss is sort of an expected thing – that’s the point of dating.If you find yourself in the position where it’s too serious from their end and you’re not in the same place: stop giving affection. Don’t go out with them alone more than once a week.


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