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I am offering a group for family members to learn to support and co-recover with addicted people. I specialize in addiction therapy and recovery processes for all types of addictions.

I have extensive experience working with youth and I like to incorporate Positive Psychology & Humor into my sessions.""I believe that every human being has the potential to live a healthy, satisfying, and abundant life, aligned with his or her values.

My intention is to create a safe, secure, and comfortable atmosphere where I will develop with you, my client, a warm, trusting, cooperative, and mutually respectful relationship.

""I teach people how to heal from difficult times-- stress, chronic illness, grief/loss, anxiety, life transitions, and pain.

I'll teach you skills for coping better so that you feel better.

However, I also treat major and minor depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, panic attacks, schizoaffective, personality disorders such as borderline and narcissism, as well as many others. Everyone deserves a chance and an opportunity to heal on the individual basis and within the family unit.

I assist clients with healing, living, and loving life again.I teach scientifically validated techniques that address body, mind and spirit, particularly through self-regulating emotions.Maintaining calm and composure enhances performance, decision making, communication, relationships, health and overall well-being.Events both large and small can elicit a grief response: death, divorce, breakups, loss of a job, death of a fur baby, miscarriage, anniversary of a loss, etc.Individuals struggling with grief often report they don't know what is wrong.At the end of football practice in third grade, Colin’s coach would make the guys run two laps around the field in full pads.

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