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AVA GARDNER (1922-90) Ava was a ‘knockout’, possibly the sexiest woman ever to grace a movie screen.She married Mickey Rooney when he was the number one box-office draw in movies (she refused to sleep with him unless he married her first)."She was the greatest love of his life, and he lost her.") Reportedly, a lone black limousine parked behind the crowd of 500 mourners at Ava's funeral. I don't understand people who like to work and talk about it like it was some sort of goddamn duty. If I have to go before my time, this is how I'll go-- cigarette in one hand, glass of scotch in the other." "Doing nothing feels like floating on warm water to me.

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Ava and Frank Sinatra were crazy about each other, but they fought like cat and dog, especially as her star rose and his went down the drain.

As she began to lose her looks and the booze got to her she spent most of her time in Spain in the company of bullfighters and gypsies.

A floral arrangement at Gardner's graveside simply read: "With My Love, Francis." Read more of Ava Gardner’s complete biography, courtesy of: Who Dated Ava Gardner: from Ava Gardner After my screen test, the director clapped his hands gleefully and yelled: "She can't talk! I suffered, I really suffered, with all three of my husbands. It's the kissiest business in the world." "I made it as a star dressed, and if it ain't dressed, I don't want it." "What I'd really like to say about stardom is that it gave me everything I never wanted." Courtesy of Cinema Credits Image results for ava gardner - Report images The Films of the Beautiful Ava Gardner If you want to discover Ava Gardner (1922 - 1990): A list of 29 items by ...

And I tried damn hard with all three, starting each marriage certain that it was going to last until the end of my life. I think the main reason my marriages failed is that I always loved too well but never wisely. see classic SF movies made before Star Wars (Pt 2): A guide of 37 items by ...

Hughes showered her with money and jewels (his usual and highly successful seduction technique), but she said later that he was ‘smelly and made love like a horse whisperer’, whatever that meant.

Smelly or not, they would carry on intermittently for 20 years, usually while Ava was between husbands. Eventually, she learned that he had microphones planted in every room of her bungalow, on every phone, and even in her car.

A fight erupted, he dislocated her jaw and she knocked him unconscious with a heavy ashtray.

Fearful he might die from the blow, LB Mayer sent in a clean-up team in case the room evolved into a murder scene. We were made for each other.’ One day he caught her reading of the book.

Within three weeks or so of the marriage he was cheating on her and she caught him out.

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