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The vintage casket lid was given to the Egyptian embassy after Kuwait’s National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters completed a probe into how the relic was smuggled into the country.

The lid is believed to have belonged to a sarcophagus, a decorative coffin in which ancient Egyptians buried their dead. The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports using information from the prosecution authorities and in cooperation with the judicial authorities, took all the necessary actions for its claim.

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Probably it had been excavated illegally in the Lambayeque region.

German authorities seized it in Berlin in 2013, where it had been offered for sale by an auction house.

It was handed over by the President of the French Republic to Nigeria on the occasion of his travel on 27 February 2014.

Thirteen ancient artifacts have been returned to Iraq, among them at least one object stolen from the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad in 2003.

Four of the returned items are extremely rare and of remarkable aesthetic quality: the bust of a king wearing a crown, a fragmented stele in honour of King Siptah depicting the patron goddess of Thebes from the era of the New Kingdom (approx. C.), and two architectural fragments depicting scenes of worship dating back to the Roman period (approx. Between 20, Cambodia obtained the return of six of the nine statues of great cultural heritage significance, which were looted from Prasat Chen, Koh Ker and had been located abroad. During the visit of German State President Joachim Gauck to Peru an ancient ritual knife (“Tumi”) was handed over to the Government of Peru on 20 March 2015.

The knife is around 800 years old and forms part of the rich cultural heritage of Peru.

On 22 January, the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum in Mainz (RGZM) handed over to Italy a collection of grave goods, dating back to the 5th millennium BC.

The outstanding complex with a precious jadeite axe head sheds light on an early European elite, maintaining long distance relations between societies in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the British Isles.

In some cases, the 1970 Convention does not apply formally: either the States involved have not ratified this instrument or one condition if application is not fulfilled (as non-retroactivity).

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