Dating advice for geeks

I had broken down, emerged through conflict, healed, laughed, broken up with, cuddled with, supported, and loved friends. Consider what your strengths already are and where you can grow.” Cass Ball, people. Pick that mic up off the floor so we can see you drop it again. 1 “How to encourage husband to make friends.” The subtext runs deep with this one, does it not? Is husband lonely and wanting to branch out socially and doesn’t quite know how?❤ If you’ve written to me asking how to approach sex and dating when you are shy and nervous about being inexperienced, I’m probably going to link you here and to Commander Logic’s wonderful post for the rest of recorded time. Is the husband treating the querent like his entire social world/cruise director/people-ing facilitator? Is the husband fine being not very social but the querent is feeling squashed or mismatched here? I guess I would say that finding Our People is a lifelong project but Our People should not themselves be our projects.7 “Mum got angry at me but idk why and she wont tell me or even talk to me.” Check out #5, here, re: The Silent Treatment.

Any questions, by which I mean, questions about PIV sex that can be answered with the steely intellect of pure science?

I have brought these condoms and bananas for demonstration” models of sex ed.

” or the “Hey your body is going to be going through some changes!

Try not to get pregnant, get anyone pregnant, and do your level best to prevent this array of sexually-transmitted infections.

Context is missing (by design), so expect some comedy answers in between with the sincere stuff. Also, in this process, make sure you don’t neglect your own friendships & social connections. 2 “He just moved closer and now I want to break up.” It happens. I’m telling a story about it in Chicago this Friday.

With proximity, you have information that you didn’t have before. 3 “Breaking up because geography.” Sometimes that’s a really good reason.Do you really want our relationship to be about these tattoos you don’t like, or could we find a way to just be kind to each other?” 10 “I’m scared my parents are gonna catch me stealing their Adderall.” Well, yeah!The more I practice identifying how I’m feeling, the more vulnerable I can be and the more pleasure I can bring into my life.” This is a thing I have thought a lot but not quite known how to say in words, so, yes!I don’t think you have to “love yourself before you can love anybody else” (I think you can be kind to others and to yourself without having a specific feeling) but really sitting with your feelings and asking yourself, why am I doing this, what do I want, do I feel comfortable and safe, do I trust this person, what would this look like if I let myself be enough just as I am, is a good practice for sexual (& etc.) relationships at any age and any experience level, and something that does not get discussed in either the “People who Do It are like pre-chewed gum that fell in dirty snow, do you want to go to HELL?boundaries, BREAKING UP, Captain Awkward's Dating Guide for Geeks, communications, control, creeps, Culture, emotional abuse, Enthusiastic Consent, ethics, Families, family, love, making up, manipulation, Manners, Parents, Roommates, saying no, Search Terms, self-care, Sex, Social Interactions, THE FIELD OF NO FUCKS GIVEN, Work, writing Hello! If the husband wants to make some more friends, he presumably has all the same resources that other people use to meet each other (Meet Up, hobbies, pubs, churches, sports, community theater/music, trivia night, political activism, volunteering) and all the modes of communication & social media people use to get in touch with friends from other phases of life at his disposal. ” “Sure, I’ll be the designated driver, text me 20 minutes out and I’ll pick you up. ” “Go ahead and take that art class on Saturday mornings, we’ll find the money.” etc.) is a pretty good place to start.


  1. Once we have reached the point where we have found someone that we wish to date, there are a few rules that need to be followed .

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