Dating a prs ce22

Unfortunately our database is somewhat limited in the information it provides for older models and I only have a few specs for your guitar.

It does appear to be a Custom 22 with a maple “10” top in a Black Cherry finish with Dragon pickups.

dating a prs ce22-39

To get my first guitar off a piece of paper, it took me over three years of drawing and redrawing, cutting bodies, and then more drawing []. and you average the lines, the body shape that comes out looks god-awful.

It took a long time to get the body shape to the point that it was comfortable to the eye, comfortable with the way it felt, and comfortable to how it works as part of a musical instrument.

Just wondered if theres any experts on PRS that may be able to shed a bit of history on this guitar.

there was no case with the guitar but i have a few photos, thanks Rich Richard: Per the serial number prefix of "2" this could be either a 1992 or a 2002 PRS guitar.

The reason I didn’t go all the way to 25 1/2" is because Hendrix and SRV were tuning guitars down to Eb or D because the strings were too tight when tuned to pitch.

So it was an based decision, not a compromised guess.

I think from looking at others its a 1992 PRS custom 22, thanks Rich You will have to go to the PRS web-site and e-mail them the serial number via the "Contact Us" option and ask them.

While your at it ask them for a specification sheet for your guitar too.

I just bought one at a pawn shop serial number 2 15798 it's multi colored double humm pick ups?

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