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Like anything that enhances your mood cycbersex can become addictive.

That's where the problem really is, not in cybersex itself, but in the addictive process that sometimes occurs as a result.

Marriage counselors are now recognizing the importance of including issues of cybersex during marriage counseling.

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For me, it was the crowing touch to a lifelong sex addiction, ranging from magazines, videos, DVDs, strip clubs, prostitutes, online pornography, and ultimately swingers sites and anonymous sexual encounters.

Online sex of ANY kind -- porn sites, swingers sites, adult chat rooms, personal ads in, phone sex -- is incredibly addictive and life altering.

There are a lot of problems in todays society including this but I do think it's a healthy alternative to shoring around your local bar.

As a recovering sex addict, I can attest to the sad reality that cybersex is not just "good dirty fun." It is highly addictive, grossly underestimated, and progressively fatal.

In those cases, there is absolutely no danger of STDs.

I don't agree that cybersex leads to "depression" or "personal neglect" (you show no sources or evidence for this).

People need to realize that masturbation is natural and that cybersex is just a way to enhance it, and it's completely harmless to do so.

I agree with Darren that cybersex is just another way to have a pleasant sexual experience if you are single. Lamm is really trying to say is that sometimes the solution to loneliness can become a real problem.

'If the cyber world is your reality, I strongly urge you to seek out professional guidance. While "cyber" is often being used as an abbreviation for cybersex those two are not the sinonymes.

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