Curly dating

A man who knows that sometimes his woman needs hugs instead of explanations.

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He has been featured on several "Top 10 Best Dance Videos" on You Tube.

He started working on various songs, such as "Pipe It Down," at a young age.

7: Ignore the nightcap Every night we go to bed, we put on our satin nightcap. A big no-no is saying that she is wearing a funny cooking hat.

We most definitely know that the cap is not a sexy addition to our life, but it’s a must have to moisture natural hair and prevent it from tangling.

I like to laugh, to joke and just to stay happy with the people who can love and be satisfied with today.

Confident man with strong family values, who knows what he wants and gets it.

That being said, she probably won’t like it when strangers (your nosy friends, parents or others) touch it without asking permission. This means that the whole day will be dedicated to cleaning and conditioning her hair.

Try to understand this and don’t rush her into anything.

She does need all of the products she has laying around the bathroom. 5: Don’t ever call her a Snoop Dogg look-a-like Even if she has mad rapping skills, no woman with braids wants to hear this. You can support her by offering a short neck massage.

You asked for a woman with a full set of hair and therefore you’ll have to accept that her hair products will take up 70% of the bathroom cabinet. She braids her hair every night in order to preserve moisture and prevent it from tangling. Saying she looks like Snoop Doggy Dog (now Snoop Lion) is somewhat less supportive.

6: Don’t throw anything away without asking Don’t ever, and I mean EVER, throw her hair products away without running it past her.


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