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The creator is author Helen Croydon, who sounds like she's lived the life before launching the site.

I quote from her Web site blurb: "Helen found thousands of single people desperate for love but put off by the demands of modern relationships (do you really have to share a bed and go on every single holiday together? But can you ever build up enough trust to feel sure that your part-time lover isn't so part-time as to part with credulity?

The Daily Mail tells me that Croydon spread her dating wings by first participating in a sugar daddy site.

Speed Dater has already helped thousands of single men and single women find the love of their life, so why not spend your free time attending singles nights and start moving towards changes?

Events in Croydon are attended by people of all professions, ages, religions and nationalities.

I suspect many will still prefer to lie, cheat and, um, nuance their way through.

After all, the worst thing ever is needing to rely on someone and suddenly to discover they're not there when you need them -- because, well, this is their week off from the relationship, isn't it?

We know all the words to Living on a Prayer thanks to Saturday nights at Walkabout (RIP) 11. Our childhood dreams were made when we met Dave Benson Phillips at The Fairfield Halls. Don't make excuses not to visit us, especially when we have every form of transport available.

Anytime a club closes down we assume its because of something NASTY, not because of finances. We can't walk past what used to be the Blue Orchid without shedding a tear 10. Benefits of the former, sneaking into Yates/Lloyds bar for an underage drink. We'll take you to Croydon's best music venue - the high street.

We've spent the last decade helping Jamaican single men and women living in the UK to meet, for chat, love and marriage.

Browse the informative profiles of the singles below, then register for free to find even more!

There is no need to worry about you won’t be able to find a decent partner attending a speed dating event: there will be a great number of people who have the same interests, preferences and goals as you, so it will definitely be easy for you to meet your chosen one.


  1. Another huge clue is when they say that they're working in another country, but that they need money to come to your country to visit you.

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