Cougar guide older women dating younger men valerie gibson lonely lovers dating

The popular stereotype of a cougar is a heterosexual white or black unmarried woman between the ages of 35 and 55.

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She is comparatively wealthy, or at least financially independent, and she expresses her sexuality by publicly pursuing younger men for casual relationships or sexual encounters.

She does so, she says, because she wants a partner who appreciates and can satisfy a sexually assertive and financially independent woman.

The earliest documented use for the term "cougar" referring to a woman seeking such a relationship is said to have been in professional sports locker-room talk.

In the 1980s, the Canadian ice hockey team the Vancouver Canucks used the term to refer to the older, single women who attended their hockey games to pursue players sexually.

A cougar is typically defined as an older woman who is primarily attracted to and may have a sexual relationship with significantly younger men.

Although precise ages vary with the definer, in general, the woman is 35 years or older, the man is more than eight years her junior.Women still do live longer than men, so it may be a rational choice to select a younger partner.Women also say that younger men do appreciate their financial independence, their interest in sex, and their freedom from stereotypes.They are also an explicit reflection that sexuality is not necessarily connected with childbearing.Moreover, an increase in status, education, and income mean that women can enter into relationships with younger men since these women are no longer financially dependent on partners.That stereotype also suggests that cougars are commonly looking for fun, temporary sexual liaisons.


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