Consolidating your windows vmware environment storage sasha cohen skater dating

It creates a complete copy of an entire VM such as storage, compute, and memory.The main difference between VMware HA and FT is: HA is enabled per cluster and VMware FT is enabled per VM.

VMKernel adapter provides network connectivity to the ESXi host to handle network traffic for v Motion, IP Storage, NAS, Fault Tolerance, and v SAN.

For each type of traffic such as v Motion, v SAN etc.

VMware is the leader in Virtualization and Cloud Computing technologies and also providing solutions in the field of network and desktop virtualization.

VMware has changed the tech world from physical to software-based virtual world.

Virtual Volume a new VM disk management concept introduced in v Sphere 6.0 that enables array-based operations at the virtual disk level.

VVol is automatically created when a virtual disk is created in a virtual environment for a VM.

separate VMKernal adapter should be created and configured.

A logical configuration on the switch port to segment the IP Traffic where each segment cannot communicate with other segments without proper rules mentioned is called VLAN and every VLAN has a proper number called VLAN ID.

Along with the HR processes, technical interviews are also conducted to assess the abilities of a professional in the field of virtualization for continues business process.

Here are 80 interview questions on data center virtualization technology fresher and up to 3 years of hands-on experience that may be asked to assess the candidate’s technical and hands-on expertise.

It aggregates locally attached storage of ESXi hosts which are part of a cluster and creates a distributed shared solution.


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