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It is the university's goal to create an environment conducive to learning where students, faculty, and staff trust and respect one another.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas prohibits romantic or sexual relationships between members of the university community when one of the individuals involved has direct professional influence or direct authority over the other.

In that circumstance, both the university and the person in the position of influence are vulnerable to charges of sexual harassment from the person in the position of lesser power and/or by third parties.

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When a relationship exists between a student who is being paid to administer a recognized student organization/group and another member of the organization/group, the above policy applies.

If the student leader involved in such a relationship is not being paid to administer the organization, special circumstances apply; the involved students will report the relationship to the organization's advisor (or another university representative assigned by the office of the vice president for student life).

X Office is an important part of the disclosure process.

This is a section within the Office of Human Resources serving as the primary Policy 6.

It is the responsibility of the institution to guarantee that every student has the freedom to pursue their academic and professional interests in an environment without preferential or unfair treatment, discrimination, or bias.

Romantic or sexual relationships between instructors and students can jeopardize the integrity of that mission for the individuals involved and also for those around them Professional and institutional power differentials are part of academic life.

They often undermine collegial dynamics among the students themselves because of rumored or actual favoritism.

They can tarnish the academic reputation of the instructor, the student, the field, and Cornell itself.

This may be accomplished by reassigning duties or responsibilities or requiring withdrawal from a committee.

If the individuals involved fail to comply with this policy, or if the relationship is not self-reported, the university may impose one or more of the sanctions available through its disciplinary procedures, as outlined in the NSHE Code (for faculty and professional staff), the Nevada Administrative Code (for classified staff), or the UNLV Student Conduct Code (for students).

A self-report will be kept confidential by the supervisor unless university policy requires him/her to divulge it.


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