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After ending a chat with a character a user has 5 hearts with, "talk" gets set to 0 to reset before randomizing again- unfortunately I didn't notice that the "talk" variable name was also shared with the linear set of strings so that's why then all other characters dialogues got stuck on frame 1.Update 1.0.4 - Attempt to fix "stuck chat" bug based on some comments- my guess is that not all the variables are resetting when a user completes the game and replays.Added the reset variables to the ending transition.

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in order to stop all cheats and delete all cheats is following these steps:step1'find all the cheats you have put in:step2'type in all cheats once and it should make a douounn sound if not then it didnt work it worked for me so i hope it does you here they are you can also get them by entering: touch, into the statue medicplz= 1000hp ihasmoolah= $1000 epicpickpocket= gives you all items arentishiny= all stats worldismine= all of the above hibernate= skips to the day of the cultural festival Below are ones you can't get from entering touch into the statue ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nobodylikesanex= automatically gives you best ending with Mako Cheat codes and glitches for Woogi World PC.

Here at Cheat Beast, we provide you with the most up to date cheats for Woogi World.

Anti Touch when a user talks to him Update 1.0.1 - Fixed a misprint in the Infowow, that's great information. Personally I understood that dating is worth it after I was dating an Ukrainian woman.

She was so lovely, cute, gorgeous, full of loyalty and femininity.

When a user got to the reply frame- the counter told the reply to display its next frame in line when it should be the same frame number as the talk symbol (oops)Update 1.0.5 - Resolved "stuck chat" bug.

When a user romances a character to 5 hearts their chat begins to pull from a different set of strings that loop and randomize using a variable called "talk".

Update 1.0.6 - A previous attempt to fix the stuck talk bug broke chats with Magazine, Ry, Quoto and Vanni because their point counters were moved to the frame instead of the buttons.

I thought it was cool to have that functionality but it's confusing as some characters start off with dialogue that makes less sense to a new user.

If you want to delay the expiry date, then all you have to do is come back on a later, more convenient date and re-read the label.

Go to day 5 and enter your room and go to the computer, then the folder "cheats " Here are the cheats: nerdsirldontlookthishandsome - Full exp with Landon wegotsnakesonaplane - Full exp with Roland fanboyofaboyband - Full exp with Teddy redheadgingersamedifference - Full exp with Nathan allsimboysarerobotsanyway - Full exp with Oz ddrripoffsftw - Full exp with Cole insovietrussiayouhealbandage - Full exp with Emmett doublerainbowpride - Full exp with Bianca whatisthisidonteven - Full exp with…

To check the version you're playing, click "Info" on the main menu and check the bottom left corner.

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