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  1. Unfortunately, some people online may not be who they say they are. If you ever feel suspicious or uncomfortable about anyone online, you should block them.

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  3. Par conséquent, la station de Cotu Miculinţi a des analogies avec cette catégorie de vestiges paléolithiques, avec les stations du Nistre Moyen, de Molodova V , Kormani IV, Cosăuţi. de 1989 Essai d’une classification typologique de galets et plaquettes utilisés au paléolithique, Gallia. Un premier exemple est représenté par une variante de la statuette féminine à stéatopygie. We can find another accumulation of such discoveries in Wallachia, along the path that, coming from the lands situated north of the Carpathians, lead to the Danube, on the route: Slon – Bucov – Bucureşti – Olteniţa 4 In the archaeological campaigns of 2001-2003, about 20 marked pot bottoms have appeared here. On it or near it, we find 8 of the 32 locations identified for this region: Bucov (Prahova county) (COMŞA 1978, 94-97), Şirna (Prahova county)5, Otopeni (Ilfov county) (LEAHU 1969, 9, 12), Bucureşti-Băneasa Străuleşti (CONSTANTINIU, PANAIT, CRISTACHE-PANAIT 1965, 110-112; MĂNUCU-ADAMEŞTEANU 1992, 64), Bucureşti-Bucureştii Noi (PANAIT 1963, 118 and fig. On a close analysis, we observe that: - the practice of marking the vessels has been handed down to the potters of the 8th – 10th centuries A. , through the agency of the Romans; - at least at this stage of the discoveries, Romania is placed among the first areas of rebirth of this phenomenon; - for the moment, Garvăn-Dinogeţia excells, numerically, in terms of discoveries (about 530 marks); - the catalogue of the potter’s marks shall help us, at least partially, to separate the centres producing such goods from the ones „consuming” them; - the vessels with marks on them were objects that were commercialized on the traditional routes, along with other products; Problem of approaching the potter’s mark “phenomenon” 141 - the matter of the signification of the potter’s marks has not been settled yet; - the vast chronological analogy with similar discoveries from the territory of Romania and of other countries, the catalogue of the potter’s marks, the identification of the routes on which such products were commercialized are all problems whose solution will lead to the clarification of many aspects referring to the potter’s mark „phenomenon”. CÂRJAN Corneliu 1968 Cimitirul feudal-timpuriu de la Gârliţa-Ostrov, Pontica, I, p. 1969 Ceramica de epocă feudal-timpurie descoperită pe teritoriul oraşului Constanţa, Pontice, II, p. We should mention that the aurochs (rather difficult to be hunted) seemed to be quite rare. Nicolae URSULESCU, Fondation du Centre Interdisciplinaire d'Études Archéohistoriques ………………………..

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