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I was sure that he'd stopped to have a drink with some of his buddies, it was an old routine that I knew well even if I didn't like it much.

A half hour later or so, I finally hear keys at the front door, and after a few minutes of scrambling with the lock, Don walked into the apartment.

I could feel his balls slapping against my face with every thrust.

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I could feel the excitement building in my cunt as he licked and nipped at my clit. You want me to pound my cock into you till you scream for more?

Don always knew how to push my button and tonight he was apparently going to turn it on and leave it on. With my skirt still slightly rumpled above my waist I jumped off the bed and followed him out the bedroom door. They're gone, now why don't you come over here and let me pick up where I left off." A little squeal of pleasure escaped my lips as I ran over to join him on the couch. " I could only moan into the pillow, I held it tightly, muffling my moans and sighs as I let the pleasure spread over me. " was the only thing I could think of, the only thing I wanted!

The clock on the living room wall showed PM and my patience was near an end.

I'd been waiting for my husband, Don to come home from work now for almost 2 hours.

I still hadn't come yet and I begged someone else to fuck me.

The two guys on each side of apparently were quite willing to come to my aid.

His cock spasmed again and again as he drained his sweet come in my face!

Then I felt the cock fucking my pussy pull out and slap against my belly. I could see his balls as they contracted and forced more come out of his cock.

I was hot for more by this time so I hungrily grasped them in my hands.

Now I was taking care of 4 cocks, one in my mouth, one in my cunt, and one in each hand.

It twitched and a silky stream of come erupted from the head. Then 4 pair of hands were on my tits and face, rubbing the come I was covered with into my skin.


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