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This summer there are two days at people's camps, and a Labor Day Picnic in North Syracuse.

We offer guided walking tours and guided bike tours if you want to learn something new and exciting together with the aid of a knowledgeable guide.

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Exotic animals like snow leopards, monkeys and penguins are unique and entertaining and can also make for a few good laughs.

A picnic on one of the park’s many lawns is a good way to get to know your date in a more intimate setting without interruption.

Events at member's homes and camps are not listed on the internet.

Join the group at a listed event to learn how to be included in these events.

And this group had to be called "Central New York Singles".

Or because you really want that summer share in the Hamptons. Maybe you’re a traditionalist and you still believe you can meet someone in Central Park... This can be why most New Yorkers don’t want to commit, because they know that there will always be someone else, theoretically better, right around the corner.

Riding bikes or walking through one of the park’s many secluded trails is also a pleasant and low-key date activity.

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