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Friends she introduced to one another over 40 years ago had an intimate birthday party on her birth date.

This friendship group started when we were all young. All were Protestants, all were good cooks, all could knit, except me. She had made a daffodil cake and in the center had inserted a tiny vase of purple pansies.

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Raymondi, an attorney, has been considering a run for either Quincy school committee or city council.

Mariano, Raymondi and Cerasoli have been friends and political allies since high school.

Election For Cerasoli Seat By ROBERT BOSWORTH A special election will likely be called in October to fill the vacancy created when Rep.

41 Wednesday, July 3, 1991 Scramble On - 7 Potential Candidates Special Oct.

In Quincy, the district includes all of Ward 2 (mainly Quincy Point) and Ward 3 Precinct 1 (Quincy Square and Ho.spital Hill).

In Weymouth, the district includes Precincts 5, 6, 9, 12, 16 and 17.

The intervening years have been kind to us all except Sybil.

It was on a hot day in August of 1955 that Sybil was striken with polio and her life was changed forever.

Sybil invited nine neighborhood gals one lovely evening to her tiny, four-room apartment on Whitwell St. I was the Catholic in the group, just an average cook, could not knit and did not know most of the others. It was a conversation piece then and we still talk about it.


  1. David was barely out of nappies when he decided to become an actor.

  2. Most Daters say this is when the fun really starts! Do you do an employment, credit or financial verification?

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