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Whether or not it could be true is just something us fans will have to keep on pondering about. Most women find British men very attractive just because of their accent, but when it comes to Roman, he’s basically a younger version of James Bond.

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Among his stellar list of interviews include gay British Singer, Sam Smith, Cuban-American Singer, Camilla Cabello, Denzel Washington and many more.

According to Payscale, the average Radio host based in the United Kingdom earns about $43,834.

After the split with his girlfriend from Greece, Roman was quick in search for a new girlfriend; he didn’t want to keep dwelling in his past.

However, he seems to have a thing for long distance relationships.

In recent times, he had however been in a long-distance relationship with his unnamed girlfriend, who lives in Greece.

Unfortunately for the pair, they broke up in late 2017 as they struggled to maintain their communication with each other due to the difference in their time zone.

When the camera rolled backstage to Roman, he revealed, Being the son of an 80s darling really can be annoying sometimes, which Kemp found to be true but regardless of such funny and annoying aspects he still loves his father and his mother dearly.

With that said, his ‘many girlfriends’ as he puts, suggests that his dating life is not as bad as it seems though!

However, being one of the prominent radio hosts in one of the best radio station, he probably boasts a more prominent figure than that.

As for his net worth, he enjoys a net worth in thousands, without adding his dad’s net worth of million.

He was announced among the star-studded list of hosts in fellow British radio personalities, Maya Jama and Clara Amfo, to host GQ Men of the Year Awards 2018.

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