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This unique time delay technology will make sure that you are not wasting money and paying for wasted traffic or ads that have already been closed by the user before fully loaded or read!

Additionally, the technology that we use for this particular program is unique.

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but that the domain is automatically being redirected to go to a sports oriented site.

It could just have easily been redirected to go to your web page if you were needing the type of visitor that would be going to a type page.

Our pop-under traffic used in our networks CANNOT BE STOPPED by regular pop-up/pop-under killing software!

We use unique and proprietary technology so that your website will be seen!

You may cancel at any time but if you keep your successful ad campaign active we will continue to give you up to 60% more targeted web traffic every month for the SAME PRICE! we can provide you with high volume, high quality, TARGETED or NON-TARGETED WORLDWIDE Traffic. Traffic is delivered via a mixture of all three methods of popunders, pop-ups and redirected domains.

This traffic selection option will display your web site to thousands of potential buyers and customers! Our proprietary POP-UNDER technology will cause your web site to automatically load in the background of targeted web pages.

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