Bush dating long nia reggie

finally got a new face on its cover..it's a swexy one at that. Maybe Kim and reggie are two peas in a pod for all we know. Stop the insecure neckrolling and cutting your eyes at the man via the internet.New Orleans Saints baller Reggie Bush is the February cover boy. All I care about is reggie and the sinners losing in two weeks then Kim can have him all to herself at home watching the playoffs! If you paid a little more attention to your own love life and maintaining a healthy relationship, you wouldn't have time to feel belittled by the relationship or pigmentation of another woman. NO ONE COULD OF SAID IT BEST....y OU hit THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD AND ALOT OF PEOPLE WANT TO TURN A BLIND EYE ON THIS BECAUSE HALF THE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS THINK WE ARE ALWAYS BRING UP RACES AS An ISSUE ARE probably HALF WHITE OR MAYBE HAVE SOME WHITE MAN AT THERE SIDE.What insight can he offer black women and men about rleationships.

She is livid with Kris for dragging this out, but she won’t cave in to his demands that she admit the marriage was fraudulent. “Publicly, Kim is putting on a very brave face, but she just isn’t happy with the status of her personal life.

Seeing Reggie move on like this makes her all the more determined to marry Kanye and prove to him she’s moved on too — even though she obviously hasn’t!

The timing is just bad, and I am not a bitter woman by any means as I am in a fulfilling relationship with a black male.

However I look to Essence as a magazine that provides positive images of black women and men, and when it comes to the relationship issue in February it would have been great to be able to turn to another positive black relationship.

"interracial relationships are here to stay and hating on them only makes you look like a bigot" Isn't that the truth!! He is too sexy, and that body is positively edible.

Furthermore, I wish them a lifetime of love and reggie choking on the football field. Obviously not all black woman have issues finding a good man but the majority of black woman are still single and waiting for a good black man or just a good man. Not every woman sitting waiting for a black man, some are willing to date outside there race if they had the opportunity as black men do.Reggie was a part of the Kardashian family for over five years and deep down Kim has always held out hope that they would end up together, even though she married Kris Humphries.“She feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn’t with her.” According to In Touch Weekly, Reggie’s Kim Kardashian look-alike girlfriend is three months along. ” Meanwhile, Kim is not happy that she is unable to move on with her life and that she is still tied to second husband Humphries.He does tons of charity work and is a very disciplined young man.Just because he is dating an Armenian chick does not mean you should turn your back on him! Okay – so let me get this straight – because he is dating Kim – he doesn’t like black women??? Then ESSENCE senior editor Jeannine Amber, channeling her inner bad girl, spins ten naughty tales starring some of our favorite men to curl up with--if only in our minds. And let the "Y'all know damn well Reggie don't like black chicks" comments start in 3...2... Why take Reggie's preference as a personal affront to you? Since we were Subliminaly informed to begin hating by the OP, let me add.


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