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"I'll see you tomorrow Ted."Ted gave Buffy a friendly wink before speaking to his friend, "I'd say have fun, but I know you will."Joyce lifted her head briefly from her boyfriend's lap to look at her daughter, "You make sure you show Dick a good time.""I will," said Buffy, twisting round so that she was looking at Snyder as she said it and giving her best Marilyn Monroe impression as she took hold off his tie and gently led him up the stairs.

Up and down the teen went, rising for air, before going down, pushing herself deeper and deeper, slurping in the cock with little grunts.

As she got further it pressed at her gag reflex and she choked; it was uncomfortable, but the retching was worthwhile for him; as was the blurred vision as her eyes teared up."Take it you whore, drink my cock up," Snyder groaned in appreciation, kicking off his shoes.

She stroked the cock with her hand, gripping tightly as her head descended.

Snyder grunted and grinned, removing his jacket, tie, shirt and vest, so his scrawny but sexy chest was bare for her.

Buffy nodded impatiently as if that could move on time and glanced at her reflection in the mirror next to the sideboard.

She looked hot, with her red lipstick and her eye-shadow, her blonde hair pulled back and the tight top and small skirt that made up her ensemble.Her tits weren't big, but they were firm and jiggly, bouncing gently as she swayed and rocked them. Buffy blushed with happiness as her hands reached down for the elastic of her shorts, pausing for a second before bringing them down to show her bare, shaven pussy in all its glory, wet and excited by the thought of her lover. " she asked as she paraded in front of him."Whether you should suck my cock before or after I've fucked your ass with it," he responded. She slipped down onto her knees and undid his zip, pulling out his massive manhood.The teen smiled and turned round to wiggle her butt, twerking the delightful derriere at him, before twirling round and sashayed towards him like a stalking puma. It pulsed in her hand as she stroked it, the blood pumping through the veins, engorging them further as she licked it slowly and sexily, her spare hand pulling the pants away to give her room."You really are a slut Summers," he grunted, not telling her anything she didn't know."Only for you Principal Snyder," she clarified, just so he knew that though she was one, she was a one man woman, albeit with three holes (and a couple of hands)." Buffy asked nervously."Just after eight," corrected Ted and Buffy let out a sigh of relief that he wasn't actually late.Two minutes later she was nervous again, what if Snyder was bored of her?Or she hadn't been as sexually satisfying as he wanted? The brunette was much more busty than Buffy and she never got told off for being in the corridor during lesson time.


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