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As soon as the action moves underground, Ms Scrymsour's deficiencies in physics become noticeable—the hero lost in the cave-in finds himself by an underground stream and throws in a piece of coal to see how deep it is!

The ship with our heroes, wife, baby, uncle, and an engineer and a mechanic is hurled into outer space.

After a year or so they reach Jupiter, almost dead of hunger and thirst.

Ella Scrymsour has been something of a mystery to researchers for many years.

A relatively minor author, her work nevertheless falls into a number of categories where people keenly seek out information: science fiction, horror and crime.

The pleasant climate is explained by a crude version of the greenhouse effect.

The surface gravity of Jupiter is given as three times Earth normal, and that checks with my reference book as well.

Fortunately, the Argenta is fitted with an optional outer hull that "unfolds and clips into position by means of strong clasps" at the pull of a lever.

The space between the hulls is then filled with a "mixture of gases of which ether is the chief component".

Jupiter has a planet-wide advanced civilization of humans descended from an Adam and Eve who did not sin and so were never cast out of their garden. After a battle with a devil-worshiper for the hand of the princess, our unmarried hero marries her and eventually becomes King of Jupiter and lives happily ever after. PRESENTATION OF "THE BRIDGE OF DISTANCES" IN THE INTERNATIONAL THEATRE The International, founded and directed by Irma Kraft, finishes its inauguration shiningly.


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  4. Us Weekly did report last month that Lawrence and Maroney were very committed to each other.

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