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Two years later, he sang in the church in front of several prayers.Besides singing he also became active in songwriting since a young age.He write his first song, Born on Christmas Day when he was just 13.

After being in love for about two years, they got married on 15th of March 2003. He became father for the first time in his life in 2007.

He and his sweet wife, Kimberly Williams welcomed their first child together and that was on 22nd of February.

He received his formal education from John Marshall High School. He remained there only for two years and then he joined Belmont University in 1993 after winning ASCAP scholarship. He finally earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration in 1995.

He was also able to complete his high school graduation from there and he graduated from there in 1991. After graduating from Mike Curb School of Music Business, he signed a contract with EMI Music Publishing in 1995. Finally on 1st of February 1999, he released his debut single, Who Needs Pictures.

When she started dating Brad, Chely says her relationship with Julia was falling apart. "[I thought]: ' Well, Chel, you'll forego love. Find someone with whom you can spend your life that makes you laugh, that you like how they live their life, that you can share a life with.'" From the beginning, Chely knew her relationship with Brad was wrong.

"Doing anything with someone you shouldn't be doing something with—having sex with him, kissing on him, going into a movie and holding hands with a man when you're a lesbian—feels wrong," she says.

(Chely Wright/Brad Paisley) Flight 709 pulled up to the gate An hour and 45 minutes late And of course our connection was already in the air Spent a day of our vacation in Chicago O'Hare And like musical chairs at the baggage belt We were the last ones standin' there when nothin' came out Looking back now on our string of bad luck That just wasn't our day but you know what?

In December 2000, Brad began dating country music singer, Chely Wright. After being in love with her for few months, he found put that Chely being a lesbian and he expressed his dismay after finding her to be living with her female partner.

He was first introduced to the country music and guitar by his maternal grandfather, Warren Jarvis.

Two years later, he sang in the church in front of several prayers. Finally on 1st of February 1999, he released his debut single, Who Needs Pictures and his debut album, Who Needs Pictures was released four months later.

That time they welcomed a son and they named him William Huckleberry Paisley.

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