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When Ichigo gets his Soul Reapers back from Rukia and his Fullbring back from a dead Kūgo, he also gets his Soul Reaper position back along with a potential romance with Rangiku Matsumoto. So she sat still and looked outside to see it was sun rise and she put her hand on the back on Pesche's neck and held his face to her cleavage as he instinctively nuzzled her heart before she softly smiled.

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However, soon after his departure for the Soul King Palace, Yhwach betrays Bazz-B and the other Sternritter by using Auswählen to steal their power.

Bazz-B decides to take revenge, and to this end they aided the Gotei 13 and their allies in creating a doorway to the Royal Realm where challenges Haschwalth to battle.

He opened his eyes to see a tray of breakfast held in front of him by Nemu."Oh, what are you doing?

" Uryu yawned."I figured I'd thank you." Nemu said with light smile as she placed the tray down in front of him."Well, thanks but you didn't have to." Uryu said."It was no trouble at all." Nemu said as Uryu, thinking that declining the breakfast would be impolite to her, started eating much to her appreciation.

Orihime was the first one awake as she got up and looked at her fellow guests.

Hitsugaya and Momo slept in the same sleeping bag with the latter cuddled up to the captain and Ulquiorra slept on the couch.

Bazzard Black is a Quincy and Sternritter "H" - The Heat, which grants him the ability to generate Reishi flames.

As a boy, Bazz-B encountered and befriended a young Jugram Haschwalth, whom he promised to mentor due to the latter's lack of Quincy capabilities; however, after Yhwach burned down his village and killed his family, Bazz-B vowed revenge against the Father of the Quincy and convinced Haschwalth to join him.

" Ichigo said and after a few more bangs on the door, he heard Isshin retreat."That crazy man!

I can't believe him." Ichigo said while Rangiku simply sat on the bed thinking about Isshin's voice."Rangiku pondered before she heard a loud rattling noise."What is that?

Orihime couldn't help but smile at how peaceful he looked sleeping compared to how menacing he was to her when she was captured as she likened his sleeping form to that of a kitten; especially due to his green eyes."Keigo and Tatsuki slept in each other's arms while in the first guest room Ikkaku laid in the nude along with Appachi, who was lying on top of him with the thin sheets covering all but their legs and upper torsos and in the second guest room Yumichika and Sun-Sun were also sleeping naked together.

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