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Angela Davis, born on January 26, 1944, in Birmingham, Alabama, became a master scholar who studied at the Sorbonne. Known for books like Women, Race & Class, she has worked as a professor and activist who advocates gender equity, prison reform and alliances across color lines. Communist Party and was jailed for charges related to a prison outbreak, though ultimately cleared.She was particularly interested in Marcuse's ideas.

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Outside of academia, Davis had become a strong supporter of three prison inmates of Soledad Prison known as the Soledad brothers (they were not related). Cluchette, Fleeta Drumgo and George Lester Jackson — were accused of killing a prison guard after several African-American inmates had been killed in a fight by another guard.

Some thought these prisoners were being used as scapegoats because of the political work within the prison.

After visiting East Berlin during the annual May Day celebration, she felt that the East German government was dealing better with the residual effects of fascism than were the West Germans.

Many of her roommates were active in the radical Socialist German Student Union (SDS), and Davis participated in some SDS actions.

In Paris, she and other students lived with a French family.

She was in Biarritz when she learned of the 1963 Birmingham church bombing, committed by members of the Ku Klux Klan, in which four black girls were killed.

Davis is best known as a radical African-American educator and activist for civil rights and other social issues.

She knew about racial prejudice from her experiences with discrimination growing up in Alabama.

There were two main pieces of evidence used at trial: the guns used were registered to her, and she was reportedly in love with Jackson.

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