Bigrigdriver dating

but its old and 6 flights of stairs, and I am ready for a change. When I was visiting there a month back, i though people were pretty outgoing and friendly. I aim to do this in a cost effective manner and want to start a new life there.

I was offered a job in Seattle and although my rent would axtuallly be more I would still make similar salary. Hello, Seattle & New York is almost the same in every way.

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Trucking is a big business, and many companies that use truckers to aid their business are found in the cities and larger towns.Granted, NY has a lot to do and can be fun but the weather sucks and the dating or horrible.I really want to meet a quality man but feel I have been out with tons of guys since I have been single and they have a disposable mindset here.With creativity and monetizing each trip, it is doable.I do however stand by my statement that Eastside is tougher to live in w/o a car.Many truckers would reside near their source of work and so most truckers would also be located in the cities and towns.

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