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There would be no one else on campus, which was nice.

I remember spending hours passing the football in my room and just talking.” Strauss said it’s challenging to date in college, but it’s worth it.

“I didn’t have money to go on really expensive dates,” he said.

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“There’s more opportunity here, so you don’t settle,” he said.

“You have an image of a girl you want and you’re like ‘I’m bound to find her because there’s a lot of people here.’” Juniors Marigny Strauss and Trent Martensen faced a similar challenge. Although they spent a majority of their time together, Strauss wasn’t sure she wanted to be in a relationship.

“It often kicks off with hooking up.” Jolink studies the development of close romantic relationships from initial attraction to long-term commitment.

She said physical intimacy used to develop after going on a date, but now it's what initiates relationships.

“As long as you both meet in a place or situation where you were comfortable, then you’re doing something right,” he said. She matched with a friend on the app, who she had met before.

“If you feel comfortable with that person, you should keep talking to them.” Although students idolize this traditional dating process, in reality, senior Maggie Berra said it never happens — reflecting what Jolink observed. The two began spending more time together, eventually dating for a semester.

Although the process has changed, Jolink said students still prefer meeting their significant other through traditional means, like going to dinner or meeting in class. Then, you’ll be an exclusive thing and then, you’ll date.” The introduction of dating apps, like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, have further altered the college dating scene. ” The apps still don’t align with students’ ideas of how they should meet their significant other.

“People have these ideas and these goals for how they’re going to meet their partner,” she said. It’s better if someone asks in person or actually goes on a date, like dinner or coffee. “They have to learn what the norms are,” Jolink said. “Technology has really altered dating,” Welles said.

“But that’s never going to happen because no one would ever do that in this day and age.” In addition to desiring a traditional dating process, Jolink said students in heterosexual relationships opt to follow traditional gender roles — even though they claim they don’t need to.


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