Atheist women dating dating site for disable in uk

I seriously doubt that her version of Islam matches yours and imagine she's a cherry picking, cafeteria Muslim (like most Christians).

Atheist women dating

Bert Yes you can date a person who is religious but it takes a lot of maturity and compromise from both parties.

Ultimately I think it's a bad idea because although you respect her, you will eventually begin to think less of her if she continues to hang on to those beliefs. Because you have no respect for it you will not understand why she hangs on to it if it doesn't make sense and you will come to the conclusion that she isn't as smart as you thought.

For instance Zakat, giving a portion of your wealth to charity to help the poor.

Find the love in a religion known for hatred and fucking stand by her! I'm honestly surprised you haven't had a talk about your religious beliefs.

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I am a non Muslim (an atheist), the woman I am dating is a Muslim (she is highly intelligent and is pretty moderate though).

I have a great deal of respect for her (and for Muslim women generally) but I just cannot regard Islam and its policies towards women with anything other than contempt (Mohammed the religions founder was a sexual predator who regarded women as inferiors as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has argued).

He was also an anti-Semite and war criminal (so as someone of Jewish extraction, I generally don't have much time for him or the beliefs he laid down).

I wanted badly to believe (regardless of my many doubts) mostly because of the guilt I felt letting it go.

I didn't want to feel the judgement my family would impose on me and I figured "if I believe and there happens to be a god, at least I'm good".

The fact that she is with someone who is atheist in the first place, however, leads me to believe she may not be all that committed to Islam and may already be questioning it. Personally, I grew up in a heavily Christian home and I married an atheist (my first husband).

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