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by Rich Moreland, March 2013 If adult film ever decided to make a movie of Mata Hari’s adventures she would be portrayed as an enchantress and wanton woman, exotic and sultry, dark and promiscuous.The supposed double agent of World War I was an exotic dancer pre-war.

Describing herself as an “army brat,” Dana is a product of liberal parents, a bit unusual for the military.

“I don’t have the traditional football watching dad and the housewife mom,” she laughs. Dana’s father is gay, HIV positive, and noted for his cooking skills.

Dana is an artist, she believes, a performance artist who captures the imaginations of her fans. After years in the business, Dana’s radar picks up situations that are not a fit for her. Some performers don’t “mesh” either “personality-wise or sex-wise,” Dana explains.

But in time a girl will learn and select her scenes judiciously because the pleasure of being on camera is a reward in itself.

After a couple of years of relying on good luck, I finally caught up with her thanks to the fabulous people at Girl Friends Films.

Dana and I had briefly met in 2010, but only for a hello.

In film image is everything and the usual porn stereotypes would not work for this legendary seducer of men, no cute blonde, sweet girl next door, or dim witted bimbo for this production.

Mata Hari must be mysterious, sensuous, and alluring with a powerful manner of persuasion.

I wanted more on this fascinating woman for my upcoming book on adult film feminism. The following is an introduction to this almost decade old veteran of the industry.

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