Are amy bruni and adam berry dating

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Amy Brun was born on July 10, 1976, in Sacramento, CA, to an amateur paranormal investigator father, and mother who died back on 15 October 2018.

She grew up in a haunted house, but unlike most in that situation, her family embraced it.

At an early age, she started reading ghostly books and was interested in scary stories.

takes paranormal investigation back to its roots with a simple mission of making contact with the other side but, first and foremost, helping people who are terrified and don’t know where else to turn,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America.

“Over the years, Amy and Adam have built a kinship with each other and their fans that make them the best paranormal team to bring closure to these families and the perfect addition to our family here at Destination America.” In case you missed it, the Amy and Adam made our list of top five best pieces of paranormal evidence captured on television, so we obviously cant wait to see them back on the small screen for more spooky adventures.

Amy Bruni is an unmarried woman but in the past, she has had an affair with a man who goes by the name of Jimmy.

The paranormal researcher cum reality host is not quite open about her affairs, but she is a proud mother who repeatedly flaunts about her motherhood on social media.

Executive produced by and starring both Bruni and Berry, Kindred Sprits follows the duo as they help bring closure to real families dealing with paranormal problems in their homes, but what sets this series apart from others is that many of the clients believe the activity is the result of late family members.

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