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Not that Mosshart is planning a break from The Kills. That’s when we toured England and I met Jamie [Hince]. Once I stayed in Jamie’s apartment—it was kind of this squat with two levels. It’s hard for me, because when I don’t play for a while, I crave it. I don’t see my parents often, but they’re very supportive, especially as I get older. BLASBERG: Do they want you to move back to America? The duo is putting out its latest ep, , this month, and will continue on a hectic touring schedule that includes a pit stop at Coachella. BLASBERG: Still, that’s good for a bunch of sixth-graders. Downstairs were my friends Ben Corrigan, who drove our tour bus at the time and who is now a photographer, and Sean Forbes, who works in a record store. I was really nervous around him—I don’t think I spoke in a year of knowing him.

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Their debut single ‘Hang You From The Heavens’ is already available on January 27, 2009, am Filed under: news, trouser press, where's the gigs | Tags: 2009, alan pedder, alice glass, alison mosshart, amy winehouse, britney spears, crystal castles, florence and the machine, friendly fires, glasvegas, hayley williams, kate jackson, katy perry, ladyhawke, laura marling, lykke li, massive attack, music, news, NME awards, paramore, stephanie dosen, the kills, the long blondes, the ting tings, white lies Poor Amy Winehouse has been nominated as Villain Of The Year in the Shockwaves NME Awards for the second year in a row.

Named alongside perennial asshats George W Bush (last year’s winner) and Gordon Brown and, this year, fellow mishap attractant Pete Doherty and the bumbling John Mc Cain, Amy’s wayward antics are conceivably right up there with shafting the world economy into an age of wild disequilibrium.

You will probably have heard the story already, but in case you haven’t, a redux: Jack White lost his voice and Alison Mosshart of The Kills stepped up to fill in on the mic; out of this sprang the idea for The Dead Weather in which Ms Mosshart assumes the role of frontwoman while White ditches the guitar and takes rather successfully to the drums.

Enter fellow Ractonteur Jack Lawrence and Dean Fertita of Queens Of The Stone Age on bass and guitar respectively, and a new musical entity was born.

The recently wrapped album has been titled and will get a June release through White’s own label Third Man Records, based in Nashville.

Mosshart does the lion’s share of vocal duties while White mans the drums.As half of one of London’s most celebrated punk-rock alt bands (complete with fashion street cred and a supermodel groupie in the form of Hince’s lady friend), Mosshart has her hardcore stage persona down. Sometimes we sit together and jam things out—but we’re both equally controlling and equally secretive. The music enters this public realm, whereas before it was private. You don’t even know how you’re going to react to playing it. BLASBERG: So you never thought your song “Sour Cherry” would become a promo? It’s a totally different group of people who read tabloid magazines compared to hardcore music fans and people who go to gigs. Three tons of black metal vanished into thin air, with all of our things in it. Well, the manhunt was called off when the bus—but not the driver—was found behind a Best Western in L. by our friend Lalo Medina, who kept me abreast, minute by minute, like an episode of , as 10 armed policemen and a helicopter arrived on the scene and entered the bus. MOSSHART: Lalo, the coolest dude alive, very nicely packed it up and sent it to us. For this interview at The Mercer hotel in New York last December, she arrives with bangs covering her face and a cigarette hanging from her lips. So we’ll work separately, even in the same room, where we can see but not hear each other. [Tabloid readers] work in offices or something and probably don’t have a real connection to the arts. MOSSHART: We get along great, despite people making up stories that we don’t. BLASBERG: So she’s not some skank who stole your style? The weird part was that all of the driver’s things were on the bus, too—his jacket still on the back of the seat and the keys still in the ignition. BLASBERG: You’ve obviously reached them, because I’m here! It would be nice if we were though, just for a minute, so we could pay off this house and be free. We just did this collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent, for a fragrance. It seems that this hugely subjective label is now increasingly applied to almost all collectives formed of relatively famous band members on their day, month or year off.The latest and most lauded in quite some time are The Dead Weather, who pitch their circus tent and climb the highwire of hype with a band formed out of a Raconteurs gig gone wrong.She takes a menthol drag and lets out a loud, phlegmy treble cough, a sound an acute Kills fan might recognize as an opening note of the tune “Cheap and Cheerful,” in which Mosshart begs: “I want you to be crazy ’cause you’re stupid, baby, when you’re sane.” To watch her perform it live, you’d think she was exorcizing some pretty hateful demons. They don’t care, they just read these magazines on the train. He left the motor running, and the generator died when the gas finally ran out. He’s not dead, because I keep hearing he’s stolen more buses. I also was told that he went on a three-day coke bender with a hooker—apparently that’s also his thing. If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing? I’ve thought about this—I say write books, or draw pictures. BLASBERG: Just sell a bunch of jingles to a beer company.

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