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I always tell the truth, I hate lie and even feel than somebody lies. Also I like to cook, especially I love to bake and every weekend tries to bake something new.

So, I prefer to be honest and try to communicate only with people who are honest too. I always try something new because I am curious and want myself to be able to do as many different things as possible.

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Description: I work as a lawyer, my schedule is quite complicated, but I understand that my dream is not a hard work, but my family, where I as a woman and a loving mother will create a cozy home. I also like to read interesting books about traveling and about cooking.

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I'm looking for a man, who will be kind and loving, who will understand me and who will tell me the truth only and I will return the same.

I want a man with whom I can discuss anything and enjoy every day of our life.

If I had a choice between party or cozy evening at home, I would choose the second one. As a model, I go to the gym to save my figure beautiful.

I love vintage and I would like to live in 1950s in the USA because this period of time is close to my soul. I like this hobby so much because it helps me to try different forms and meet a lot of new people.

I want us to support each other and take care of each other all the time.

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