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Far too often, people rely on the physical bond when they’re in a relationship and don’t ever get around to developing the emotional one.

By abstaining from sex, you can give yourself time to develop stronger emotional bonds with another person—bonds that will last once the fire in the bedroom starts to fizzle out. But it’ll give you time to build a friendship with a person prior to building a life with them.

That friendship will serve as your bedrock as you move forward and get more serious with someone.

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You should consider those benefits before deciding that you want to have sex with a person before you’re married.

Take a look at 5 benefits of practicing abstinence until marriage below.

Suddenly, people start to feel like they deserve sex from their partner whenever they want it.

That selfishness can destroy a good relationship if you’re not careful.

When you first start having sex with someone, you’ll often feel a close physical connection with them, both when you’re being intimate and when you’re not together.

But over time, that physical bond can wear down if there isn’t an emotional bond to support it.By practicing abstinence until marriage, you can take selfishness out of the mix and promote generosity within your relationship.You’ll still need to keep selfishness in mind once you’re married since it can still prove to be a problem.After hearing that, you might be tempted to throw abstinence out the window and engage in sexual intercourse before you’re married. Everyone is free to make their own decision when it comes to remaining abstinent prior to marriage.But you should know that there are many benefits of waiting until marriage to have sex with someone.Sex isn’t the only reason this happens, but once two people start to have sex, it can change the way they communicate and lead to them developing bad communication habits.


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