2 types of dating fossils

Fossils, the remains of prehistoric organisms or other evidence of prehistoric life, tell you a great deal about what the world was like millions or even billions of years ago.

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The fossils form in the original shape of the organism, but the composition is different, and it is heavier. Petrification fossils form when the organic matter is entirely replaced by minerals and turns to stone. These give information about how animals behaved when they were alive, such as how they moved and how and where they fed.

Trackways, which are several footprints together, sometimes include impressions made by another part of the creature, such as its tail dragging behind it.

Two examples of body fossils – bones and teeth – are the most common types of fossils. A mold is an imprint left by the shell of a hard skeleton on surrounding rock, such as dinosaur bones buried beneath many layers of sediment. An internal mold is on the underside of shell left on the surface of rock that formed when sand or mud filled the inside of the shell. Whenever a shell or bone breaks out of rock, it leaves an external mold behind.

Replicas of molds are known as casts, which may be produced naturally when the space left behind after mold removal fills with sediment.

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